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Projects that extend into larger story worlds
L'bionic- A game world that extends into real life
L'bionic is set to be one of our signature pieces. We think its innovative with its augmented reality technology. This project is still in the early stages of planning. Unotrio stepped on to the team in 2015. 

The author of the project, Renae Moore has been working on this project for some time- five years to be exact. L'bionic is based on a larger story world that spans from 2020 through to 2050. Yes, you guessed it's a sci-fi idea that transports users between the film world and the game world. 

Renae authored the transmedia bible back in 2012 when she was selected into the Advanced Diploma of Transmedia Production (Producers Scholarship) at Metro Screen in Sydney. Now she finds herself mapping and writing the complete story world. In 2015 she completed the story and scripting process. This year we hope to bring the game to life in the form of a working EPOCH. 

In September we will be launching the Lbionic website.